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Latest Wasp Control Information

During April until early June, the queen wasp will leave hibernation and begin building a brand new wasp nest in a new location.

The queen wasps will often build the new wasps nest in roof voids wall cavities or in outbuildings.

During June July and August they will continue to expand their wasps nest and by September the nest could have thousands of wasps in it.

All species of social wasps construct their nests using some form of plant fibre (mostly wood pulp) as the primary material, though this can be supplemented with mud, plant secretions (e.g., resin), and secretions from the wasps themselves.

Multiple fibrous brood cells are constructed, arranged in a honeycombed pattern, and often surrounded by a larger protective envelope.

Wood fibres are gathered locally from weathered wood, softened by chewing and mixing with saliva.

The kind of timber used varies from one species to another, or one locality to another, and this can give many species a nest of distinctive colour.

To dispose of wasps you do not need to 'remove the nest' but you need to treat the nest and wasps within.

This is carried out by using a special powder (only available to professionals) which is injected into and around the entrance to the nest.

The powder will then kill all the wasps in the nest and the ones returning within a couple of hours or so.

On our visit our qualified operative will need to know the location of the wasps entrance to the nest to carry out the treatment.

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